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Scientific Framework for Substantiation of Health Claims
“An Integrated Food Safety ecosystem for the Nutraceuticals & Health Supplement Sector”
Regulatory frameworks for nutrition and health claims are converging and becoming more similar around the world in the health supplement & nutraceuticals sector. To build consumer confidence it is pertinent that claims on foods should be based on a balanced scientific approach.

In attempt to share best practices, ReCHaN in partnership with FSSAI organized its 1st Stakeholder Forum focused on “Scientific Framework for Substantiation of Health Claims”
on 1st May 2018 (Tuesday) in New Delhi.
  • The principles of scientific substantiation and evidence for Health Claims

  • Learnings on the Global Best Practices in Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals sector.

Vitamins & Minerals
Regulatory approaches to the establishment of maximum levels in
Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals
To bring in the global best practices towards harmonization of regulations on vitamins & minerals content for Health supplements and nutraceuticals, ReCHaN in partnership with the FSSAI initiated a scientific dialogue on approaches to the establishment of maximum levels in Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals was organized at FSSAI, FDA Bhawan, New Delhi on 25th July 2018
  • Principles of global regulatory frameworks for health upplements and their impact on setting of maximum levels for vitamins and minerals.

  • ASEAN regulatory framework for Health Supplements

  • The contribution of vitamins and minerals to health policy.
The Science of Supplementation
Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals are part of maintaining overall health and wellness. Supplementation is an important component for keeping a balanced diet, including
overcoming gaps in nutrition.

Balanced Diet and Diet Diversity is important for healthy lifestyle but due to lack of complete nutrition in our daily diet, supplementation can contribute in increasing healthy life expectancy and healthy ageing even among elderly population as remaining in good health is essential for
all human being even in old age.

With an objective to create sensitization among stakeholders, the 3rd Stakeholder Forum was organised on “The Science of Supplementation” on 21st February 2019 at New Delhi.
  • The positive contribution of Supplements for various health conditions and the need for strengthening intrinsic capacity for healthy life and ageing.

Evolving Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals Ecosystem
Increasing consumer interest in nutrition, wellbeing and taking charge of personal health is advancing growth and innovation in health supplements and nutraceuticals. The benefits of traditional botanicals are being rediscovered and brought to market to meet increasing consumer demand. In India botanicals represent the largest segment of the health supplement category and Indian botanical supplements are some of the fastest growing products across the world.

The 4th Stakeholder forum of ReCHaN on “Evolving the Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals Ecosystem” was organised in Mumbai on 28th August 2019 to help strengthen a culture
of best practices across the country.
  • The importance of tradition for botanicals in Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals
  • Role of PPP in strengthening Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals ecosystem

Consumer insights and Evolving ecosystem of Health
Supplements & Nutraceuticals in India
On account of the shift in consumer focus on nutrition and health, the Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals sector is gaining significant importance. Consumer understanding for this category of product is also evolving.

Consumer insights are important for all the stakeholders for translating them into products, policies, and regulations leading to clear vision for the sector and strengthening of ecosystem.

To unveil first of its kind research findings on consumer understanding and perceptions on health supplements and nutraceuticals and to share Vision 2030 for the sector by senior industry leaders, ReCHaN has organized the 5th Stakeholder Forum “Consumer insights and Evolving ecosystem of Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals in India” on 25th May 2022.
  • Scaling up capacity building initiatives.
  • Role of R&D and innovation for India becoming global leader in ingredients and products of this category
  • Importance of personalized approach of nutrition for consumers

Supplementation for Health and Nutrition
Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals: A Strategic Sector for Growth
The Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals sector has immense potential to be unlocked for the health and wellbeing of the population and contribution to the overall economy. Supplements are playing a key role in addressing some of the nutritional challenges.

Globally, nutrition state as a situation of nutrition, demands rethink around approaches and solutions. We do need new voices, new data and new approaches to navigate through this volatile situation and quickly find new solutions in policy.

The 5th Stakeholder Forum focused on sharing the best practices and the importance and contribution of the sector in the nutrition and health policy framework.
  • Collaborative actions to strengthen micronutrient status.
  • Focus on R&D and innovation.
  • Building India, a strong export economy of Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals.