Capacity Building of the FBOs to facilitate
effective implementation of Standards
and Food Safety Management Systems.

To provide the foundation level
requirements / practices for
manufacturing within the Indian food
safety system based on the core
elements of Indian standards and
international best practices, achievable for
all companies in the market, whether
small or large
Supporting best practices in science
based approaches to regulation and
its implementation

Supporting and substantiating the
review processes of FSSAI Scientific
Panels through science-based
approach towards standards
formulation, in alignment with
international best practices.
Formulation through measuring the
contribution of Nutraceuticals & Health
Supplements to society

• Inclusion of India in the global mapping

• Share global best practices regarding
the use of botanical in health
supplements and nutraceuticals
The International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplements Associations(IADSA) and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) have established a collaborative initiative under the Resource Centre on Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals (RecHaN)
IADSA brings together associations from 6 continents in the food supplement sector to coordinate discussions in Codex Alimentarius and support governments and the private sector on appropriate and effective regulation and policy.

As a leading international expert association, IADSA aims to build science based interactive platforms for policymaking and harmonized approaches to legislation.
CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) a premier business association of industries serves as a reference point for Indian industry and the international business community.
CII has set up a Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence (FACE) to contribute to the ongoing policy dialogue related to agriculture and food-security concerns.
CII through the Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence (CII-FACE) provides an integrated approach of action-oriented programs and capacity building addressing issues from the farm gate to consumers.
It works in partnership with government, FSSAI, Industry and other stakeholders.

Resource Centre for Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals (ReCHaN)
Andhra Association Building
4th Floor, 24-25 Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi - 110003, India
T: +91 11 45771000 ; Email: